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I have spent the first 18 years of my life in a small town called Plassey, West Bengal not far from the fields where the last Nawab of Bengal was defeated. As every other young kid, growing up in nameless hamlets in Bengal, I dreamt of going to Kolkata. This opportunity finally arrived when I successfully cleared the entrance exam for the Dept. of Philosophy at the Presidency University erstwhile college. As I joined the collective life of progressive students in Kolkata, I was introduced to the world of art, rather as I still insist, to the world of design. I found out that I can suddenly make handmade posters, which not only talked about Tahrir to Shahbagh but illustrated Dokra figurines or Bengali calligraphy for the International Mother Tongue Day. As the world around me changed, I transformed my art paper canvas into the digital world. The possibilities in the digital medium opened up my eyes and as appreciation poured in from fellow travelers, I was convinced that this has to be my profession. Thereafter, I started doing freelance projects whilst being at the University and after graduation slowly worked my way towards a position as a graphic designer at Grasshopper Media, New Delhi. After that, I seek to do a Masters Education in Design and I joined Srishti Institute of Art, Design & Technolgy. Currently, I am doing masters and simultaneously employed in KREO Design & Innovation as Lead Designer & Visualizer.

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Brands in my journey

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