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Save Lepcha

It was a Self Driven Inquary Project in Srishti. I have selected the topic to work.

Lepcha Language has become an endangered language. The thing that interested me

more on this issue is that even though there are so many Lepcha speakers, this language

is losing its importance. Any Language is important for the purpose of communication

among people. Humans are living being that lives in a group or community and cannot

survive alone. Thus, it is a necessity in social terms to communicate in a common

language to express emotion. Language is a an immensely important element, so when a

language is transferred from a generation to another, it also transmits the other aspects

(customs, rituals, religion, belief, norms, etc.) of that culture using that language as the


India is a country with huge cultural diversity. Thus when one culture is under threat it

means others can also face it someday. The rich culture and tradition is what makes India

more colourful with numerous festivals. And hampering of even single of them will lead

to fading of this joyful diversified nation.

So, I felt it is highly important to preserve a language along with all other associated

things with it.

To represent things through visual communication I use a visual language in the name of

design. Someday, say like after 10 years if I encounter that people are not able to

understand my visual language, I will feel suffocated. The language of visual art that I

know and use will no longer get the opportunity to get expressed. This will make me feel

extremely helpless, making me unspeakable and mute. And I will be left with the pain of

not being able to communicate anymore as expressive way as I used to previously.

In this poster I wanted to represent the connection of

a man with his or her mother tongue since birth. Thus I have used the Lepcha alphabets to

show umbilical cord. This reflects the strong connection, and the symbolism of mother

word in the mother tongue. The way a child is connected to its mother by umbilical cord,

the same way it is to the language of mother tongue

In this poster I wanted to represent linguistic

imperialism. In certain situation, one language loses its importance due to the dominance

of some other language. For Lepcha also there are such languages like- Nepali, Hindi and


In this poster I wanted to represent the endangered

situation of the Lepcha language. The way a plant loses its leaves by shedding in autumn

the same way lepcha language is being shedded and losing its existence due to multiple


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