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Type Face Game Design

Game About : Any game is appreciated because of its ability to entertain its user. A person is willing to play a game when he or she feels that the game is interesting enough to spend time on. Some games like that involves deep thinking or/and intense involvement to play it. It can be a bit of a puzzle or a massive maze to solve. And more complex the game is, more the fun for its users. Some way the critical nature of the game makes user to think that why it is still unsolved and how can he or she solve it. This results in its longer use and invention of various ways to solve it. This may include real focus and good concentration. And thus the joy is also huge when finally it is solved. The Rubik's cube was invented in 1974 by Erno Rubik, a Hungarian architect, who wanted a working model to help explain three-dimensional geometry. After designing the “magic cube” as he called it (twice the weight of the current toy), he realised he could not actually solve the puzzle. It is a game that needs a lot of concentration to solve. The colour combination helps us to match it and solve it. There is no shortcut method to solve it. There is also no single way to solve it. The same way I have developed this game where instead of colour different fonts are used. In my project the colours are not only replaced by a particular font type, but in fact are also making a word while placed side by side in correct combination. Each font type comprises 16 alphabets in its group. In all there are there are 96 alphabet, categorized into 6 groups of font style. It is a modified version of Rubik’s Cube with visual analysis and wordplay. Here, the knowledge about font style is going to help people to solve the game. And with time, it will help to develop the capability of identifying fonts. This will also enhance our ability to capture a design and forming a mental map. And overall it will improve our design thought process. The more we play this type of game, the more patience we gain. And these games ultimately help us to develop into a better human being, with more dedication and patience for everything.

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